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Sep 2013

We manufacture rugged, robust instrumentation kits
to safeguard hard-working turbo-charged diesel engines.

Heat, in the form of excessive Combustion Chamber and Exhaust Gas Temperature [EGT], is a common cause of failure in turbo-diesel engines. This can be failure of the turbocharger itself or, in extreme cases, cracking and melting of piston crowns. Repairs for this type of damage are invariably expensive and time-comsuming, especially for travellers in more remote regions. This is particularly relevant to vehicles which carry heavy loads or tow heavy trailers or caravans. Fitting and using an EGT gauge [Pyrometer] is an inexpensive way to safeguard your engine from expensive repairs due to excessive EGT.

Heat is the enemy of your engine!

A ThermoGuard EGT Gauge is your insurance against expensive damage!

The Thermoguard EGT Kit LED Digital Indicator installed in the dash of a Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi The Thermoguard Thermocouple sensor installed in the exhaust manifold of a Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi turbo-diesel engine

Our primary product is the ThermoGuard digital EGT Gauge [Pyrometer] kit.

The ThermoGuard EGT Gauge provides a precise digital readout of EGT and includes, as standard, the facility to record and display the maximum temperature measured. An industrial-quality thermocouple and fittings are also included. Versions for both 12V and 24V vehicle systems are available.

This kit is suitable for most turbo-diesel engines including popular 4WD and light truck engines. This kit contains all the components needed to install a fully functional EGT Gauge. It can be installed by a competent 'home mechanic' or any qualified diesel specialist.

For more details, please download a copy of the ThermoGuard EGT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Sheet.


* Proudly Australian Owned and Operated.

* All parts sourced from Australian suppliers/agents, and Australian-made where possible.

* Industrial quality components used throughout.

* Full 2 year warranty against faulty materials or workmanship.


* Instantaneous display of EGT at all times, under all driving conditions.

* Informs you of potential problems before it's too late!

* Allows optimal engine tuning for 'real world' conditions.

* Puts you in control!

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