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Contents of a typical Thermoguard EGT Kit for in-dash mounting

Standard EGT Kit (for in-dash mounting): A$279.00

The universal ThermoGuard EGT Gauge kit contains all the components necessary for an in-dash installation. It includes one stainless steel compression fitting to secure the thermocouple sensor to the engine's exhaust system.

Compression fittings, 1/8



The compression fitting can be supplied in three common sizes: 1/8" BSP, 1/4" BSP or 1/4" NPT. (Please refer to the Installation page to determine which size fitting will best suit your vehicle, or contact us by email at:





Optional Extras

Indicator Case for on or under-dash mounting: A$25.00

Thermoguard EGT indicator in optional instrument case

A strong ABS plastic case can be provided to install the digital indicator unit on or under the vehicle dashboard. The combined unit is quite light and can often be attached with double-sided adhesive tape (not supplied).







Adapter bush, M18 to 1/4" BSPF (Brass): A$9.50

Adapter bush, brass, M18 to 1/4 BSPT

Many aftermarket turbocharger and exhaust systems are provided with a threaded port in the turbo outlet pipe. Some of these, including Australian DTS, MTQ & Safari systems, are threaded Metric M18 x 1.5. This brass adapter bush allows a standard 1/4" BSPT compression fitting to be used with these ports.






Socket, 1/4" BSPF (Steel): A$5.50

Socket, steel, 1/4 BSPT

For turbocharger and exhaust systems that are not provided with a threaded port in the turbo outlet pipe, this steel socket can be welded onto the exhaust pipe close to the turbocharger outlet and allows a standard 1/4" BSPT compression fitting to be used.






Sensor mounting plate: A$25.00 [Land Rover 300Tdi engines only]

300Tdi optional sensor mounting plate

The Land Rover 300Tdi engine without EGR [Exhaust Gas Recirculation] has a blanking plate on the exhaust manifold which is ideal for installing the thermocouple sensor. A replacement plate, drilled and threaded to accept the sensor, can be provided.







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